"Why spend time doing recordkeeping when you could be doing research?"

Sanford Selznick
Owner, Selznick Scientific Software, LLC

"We're sold on CCLims' efficiency in storing and tracking cell culture information covering a variety of sources and procedures. CCLims is easy, efficient, intuitive - and indispensable."

Scott Waniger
Manager Cell Culture Production, National Cell Culture Center

What is it?

The Cell Culture Laboratory Information Management System (CCLims™) is an all emcompasing solution that manages all facets of your Cell Culture Laboratory. The CCLims was designed by Cell Culture Specialists for Cell Culture Specialists. No other LIMS comes close to supporting Cell Culture the way the CCLims does.

Just a few of the things you can do with the CCLims...

  • Seamlessly manage all of your dewars and freezers.
  • See a list of growing cells with one click.
  • Get reminders for upcoming tasks like medium changes or dosings.
  • Quickly print labels for all of your flasks.
  • Easily keep separate records for each user in your laboratory.
  • Track all inventory used for any experiment automatically.
  • Set up complicated formulas in advance of an experiment using a integreated calculation engine.
  • Automatically link customers, users and vendors.
  • Organize your whole day in just a few minutes.
  • Print and configure reports for any and all data within the CCLims.
  • Maintain continuity of procedures and data as specialists come and go.

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